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The Useless by etamnanki The Useless by etamnanki
"The soothing waves caressed the shore gently as he sat to contemplate the endless landscape before him...
The crystalline ocean that reflected the muted, gray colors of the heavens as they were being slowly swallowed by a distant storm...
The lightning dancing across the sky so playfully, flashing and burning brighter than the mottled sun...
The wind that smoothly flew upon the surface of his skin...

As the world collapsed into itself and gave way to his most succulent of dreams.

It was there where she sat...
It was there where she lie...
It was there where she always waited for him...
And submerged him into her deep, hazel eyes.

Her perfect, porcelain face glowing ethereally with the light of a raging fire...
Her soft, nimble fingers dancing upon his lips with a pianists' grace...
Her long, flowing hair cascading like crimson waterfalls in front of his eyes...
Her sweet, luscious voice seeping into him like a river of honey... bewitching his soul.

Unto such beauty,
He desired only,
To bestow gently,
A treasured gift.

'Take this, my beloved, that you might marvel at your own grace', he said, as he handed to her a mirror, 'and bask eternally in the divinity of your infinite allure'.

And such a mirror it was,
As beautiful as its new owner,
Made from his own passionate affection,
Crystallized into a perfectly reflective surface,
Which would shine through physical barriers and show beauty beyond what the eyes can behold.

She held the mirror aloft with great admiration in her eyes...
And a subtle smile that seemed to accentuate every wondrous emotion that she could express...

But the image within the mirror viciously portrayed what seemed like a terribly misplaced nightmare.

Her immaculate face was frozen with that tender visage...
Yet it was crudely torn from her body like a grizzly mask...
Now placed upon the grimace of an grotesquely misshapen creature.
Her silken skin cracked and crumbled away...
Ripping the warmth and softness out of her essence...
And replacing it with the cruel, bitter coldness of a decaying, mechanical husk.
Her passionate and affectionate heart rotted away...
Pumping tar through the cables and wires that tied her to existence...
Bereaving her of all life and joy...
Leaving only the bitter, resentful and lustful desire to possess, manipulate and drain in her perverse circuitry.

He watched in abject horror as he felt the demonic entity before him parasitically cling to his own thoughts and slowly withering his own spirit so that he might join her/it in her/its boundless agony and heartless desires.

The image within the mirror had now taken the place of the ethereally beautiful creature that he once beheld...
And his own world had taken a similar shape as her/its own...
Twisted, grotesque, macabre...

...And Useless."


FINALLY! After 2 or 3 months or so of having to put this off I can FINALLY publish it and show it as my 100th deviation! :p

I know that it might not be a particularly flattering photo, but getting all of her into frame is a little difficult without sacrificing the attention to detail. As such, I think that I'm going to have to take a whole series of photographs in order to show all of the work placed into her.

Her initial concept was a LOT smaller than that... But after I began work on her and I kept cutting and welding and adding more to her, well... I found it a little difficult to stop :p Because I always wanted her to be even more unsightly... even more disgusting and a whole lot more impressive O_o But, I wasn't going to allow her to fall into the same fate that I let most other projects see themselves end up in... and I decided to finally just leave her as she is and FINISH her once and for all.

So yes... I have to admit this is quite a milestone for me :p It's the first time I ever even TRIED my hand at welding... and I'm pretty sure most of you will notice that quickly enough :p Then again, the idea was to give it a very crude kind of image... as if it were cobbled together very "messily". I can only hope that it is well received and that you guys enjoy it as much as I did finishing it...

She remains as a testament to overcoming adversity... and seeing that there should be much more to everything than meets the eye.


"I was made for someone who didn't want me...
I was made by someone who didn't love me...
I was made for something that negated my purpose...
I was made by something that negated my integrity...
I was made for a world that would cheat me...
I was made by a world that would bleed me...

I scour the remains of these ruins to try and find non-existent treasures.
I dig through the tattered dilapidation to find a damnable salvation.
I search within these scattered corpses to find a breath of life.

What cosmic grace defines the essence of reason?
What divine order establishes the place where each fragment of the universe belongs?

Or is it just my own will that puts each piece into its place?

Through my own volition,
Through my own discretion,
Through my own selection,
Every particle,
Every shred,
Every piece of the puzzle of reality is set into its niche...
And the puzzle itself paints the picture I want it to.

Is this what its like to be a god?
Is this what its like to tempt fate?
Is this what its like to be a demon?

Then the purpose I have is only the one I've obtained...
Not the one given to me and set to be by the will of he who made me...
Not the one taken from me and defaced by the will of she who earned me...
Not the one that nullified itself by my own existence.

This world is mine to create/destroy...
This world is mine to live/waste in...
This world is mine... and is only as I am... as I will always be."
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visceraldagger Featured By Owner May 27, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I certainly wasn't expecting *this* when I heard of your creation.

She is, as you desired, monstrously hideous. She's intricate and ferocious looking... but also fragile like she might lose herself at any moment. The spindly reaching hand is banshee-esque... and for whatever reason she reminds me of Scarlet from SH: Homecoming. Her wings are impressive; it's they are layered like feathers... and is that a crown on her shoulder? The tail is very alien looking ( well done) and I like the way her doll-like visage is projected in front of her true face. I love the rusted metal you salvaged; it perfectly portrays what you were thinking... at the same time I'm mildly disturbed you would honor anyone in this way.

One last thing for now; I didn't know you could weld? Tell me all about it, please.
etamnanki Featured By Owner May 29, 2009
I'm humbled by your words, Elizabeth... and I am glad that you could at least see some merit in my work :p

First off... Well, I'd like to clarify that I find it slightly disturbing as well, realizing just how deep down into the darker and more sinister dredges of my mind I let myself seep into. As such, in a way I find her tainted by the implicit grotesqueness that I instilled into her. I find it hard to look at her now... even though now that I have "therapeutically" parlayed with my demons, I might be able to finally close that chapter and simply let those ugly memories subside.

Technically speaking, however... I am very glad how she turned out. I still have a lot more pictures to take of her and to display her properly, but I'll do that once I get an appropriate pedestal and place the sculpture in a place which accentuates its... "virtues" :p I wanted to put in a lot more details, like I stated above... but I was simply taking too long. So I believe that it is well enough constructed as it is... even if its point was to seem cobbled and bashed together very crudely... I'm glad that the effect came through nicely. As well as using salvaged parts and scrap metal... that also helped out a lot as well :D however, the centerpiece is definitely the porcelain mask. It's meant as a useless disguise to TRY and hide the obvious monstrosity beneath the slightly cracked face... I was very fortunate to salvage that little piece from this past Christmas' little "accident" in which the angel on top of the tree fell to the ground and shattered into many little pieces. Once I saw the face, however... I was immediately inspired to keep it for later use. And welding became the perfect medium to manifest it on.

As for my... "ability" to weld... Well, let's just say that insofar as being able to do it well is beyond me still :p This is actually my very first time welding O_o I've never done it before in my life and I ALWAYS wanted to try it before. As an artistic medium, I found it very alluring in so many ways... Because of the material involved and the process itself gives the art created with it a certain... "edge" that's difficult to replicate in other mediums. The act of welding and cutting metal has always been so... "violent". It's a very empowering way to create things through the blistering heat, the harsh conditions, the brutal destruction and recreation of those pieces of metal. And metal itself has always had such a cold, machine-like feel to it that gives the sculptures made with it a rather chilling "starkness", bereaving it of the warmth usually associated with more organic forms of art, if you will. Hence, given the monstrosity that I wanted to portray, the medium suited me perfectly. In what little spare time I could scrape at work I diligently welded the creature.

Of course, before all that happened I needed the tools, so I bought a mask and some gloves and some welding bars... (actually, I bought like a ton of those O_o) At first I believed the sculpture was going to be ludicrously small, given my general lack of practice and abilities. But it grew and grew as I added and improvised more and more pieces. Welding, in itself, is quite an experience... and I grew to love the harsh conditions it offers. There's a kind of meditative quality to it, being in the middle of all of that fire, heat and smoke... its as if one removes themselves from the world and in some ways, sets oneself alight with that very same fire. I REALLY wanted to keep this a surprise from you because... well, I think I already repeated myself more than enough times as to why :p I can only hope that all of that waiting finally paid off in the end, Elizabeth... and that it has at least captivated you in some way... hopefully to also inspire you as to create art once again... because I do miss seeing new paintings of yours so.

I think I've babbled long enough for the moment... be prepared to receive a far more... "substantial" textual and literary assault in the coming days. Hopefully it shall be well received with you entrenching yourself in your proverbial bunkers :)
0-Hermit-0 Featured By Owner May 27, 2009
Love the edges of the feathery bits on the wings (oxy cut?) - makes it look rotten and very organic. Same goes for a lot of the joins, actually. I think being new to welding has worked in your favour with this :D. Also, I particularly like the design decisions you've made with the tail and arms too. They must've been as fiddly as hell but it's definitely paid off.

One tiny problem I have, though, is the doll face. It just doesn't seem well integrated enough, from this angle at least. It looks like it's just sitting on that face plate bit, and thus a bit tacked on. Maybe if it was set into the plate, or if you found a bigger face that would cover more of the plate?

Either way, it's still a great piece :D
etamnanki Featured By Owner May 27, 2009
Yes, I guess being new did eventually work out because of the "cobbled together" feel that I wanted to give it :p It was quite a problem to put together all of the "stringy" bits, given the tools that I had at my disposal. If I welded them for too long, the bars would simply evaporate and I'd have to grab another one O_o

Well, the face does present itself as a bit of a problem... because I did want it to be bigger, to give it a more prominent feeling. As it stands, it's a tiny detail that grips the eye for a second, but I would still want it to have a greater impact on the whole piece, as its supposed to be the center of attention and immaculate detail within the whole rusted, decayed mess :p Originally, the sculpture, being my first entry into the fray of welding and metal works, was going to be a LOT smaller. But once I realized that I just couldn't do it given the tools... Well, suffice it is to say that I had to find a way to adapt and improvise :|

I'm glad that you liked it, however :D And thanks for the comment. I know it isn't the most flattering photograph I could have taken of the piece, but I was putting off its publication for far too long and there's a special someone that I wanted to show this to for quite some time :p So I'll attempt to take far better pictures of it once I have it on its proper pedestal/stand and within a setting that lets me capture and show more of the detail that went into this monstrous thing. Thanks again for the comment! :D
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